Tắt Voicemail Trên Iphone

The only way khổng lồ turn off the voicemail on your iPhone is to liên hệ your service provider. This is the official way to vì chưng although going over the settings of your phone can help.

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With the recent tiện ích ios 15, many iPhone users experienced screen freeze or not responding issues with their voicemail.

These issues prompted them khổng lồ turn off voicemail on the iPhone instead of going through such a messy experience. If you are one of those users who plan to turn off the voicemail for good, then this article is for you.

Part 1. How lớn Turn Off Voicemail on the iPhonePart 2. How to lớn Recover Deleted Voicemail Messages?Part 3. Summary

Part 1. How to lớn Turn Off Voicemail on the iPhone

Method 1. Disable Voicemail Forwarding Using a Shortcode

With the rise of many calling & messaging apps, voicemail seems khổng lồ be left behind with a handful of users only. This is why the majority of users we asked lớn prefer khổng lồ turn it off because there are many free apps that they can use as an alternative. Some service providers may charge you for using the voicemail & this can be inconvenient when you can take advantage of không tính phí apps.

xuất hiện the dialer Tap the Keypad Enter #004# Press Call


This shortcode is the universal code lớn disable voicemail. Most GSM providers use this code, except for pay as you go and prepaid plan holders. After disabling the voicemail, try calling your number và see if you have already turned off the voicemail on your iPhone.

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In case you need to lớn reactivate the voicemail, dial *004# at any time.

Method 2. Install No More Voicemail App

This next method does not turn off voicemail on your iPhone but rather diverts the calls khổng lồ a virtual number. There is an ứng dụng called No More Voicemail wherein you can install it on the iPhone và activate it.

open the AppStore Type in No More Voicemail on the search bar Install the app Sign up and Get Started on the app. Complete the registration process Copy the activation code shown on the screen Launch the Dialer and paste the code Dial the number

The code will make a call và disconnect quickly. After doing this, go back to lớn the app and tap the "I Confirmed I Followed These Steps". From this point on, all your voicemail will be forwarded to lớn a virtual number.

Note: We cannot guarantee the privacy và safety of third-party apps so it is still up to you if you want to use this app.

Method 3. Fill Up Your Voicemail Box

Here is another method that solve your problem without turning off voicemail on your iPhone. A full voicemail box won’t be able to lớn receive more messages so one more trick lớn get rid of your voicemail is to lớn fill it up. You can use a different number & call your own sản phẩm điện thoại number & leave messages until you get a voicemail box full prompt.

Check these out:

Place your own iPhone on Airplane mode. This will disable network services Use another phone and dial your own number. It will route your gọi to the voicemail since the iPhone is on Airplane mode Leave messages. Repeat steps until your mailbox are full


Most service providers lượt thích Verizon give you around 30-40 voicemail messages until it becomes full. This method is time-consuming và takes a lot of effort. Anyway, you can also ask someone to lớn help you out in filling up your voicemail box.

Method 4. Gọi Customer Care

The above methods seem lớn work fine but for a certain period of time only. The best way on how to lớn turn off Voicemail on your iPhone is to điện thoại tư vấn customer care. Again, your voicemail is locked with the network provider so there is nothing more you can bởi vì to permanently disable this feature but to gọi them. However, calling customer care demands your time và you have to give a lengthy reason why you want lớn disable this stone-age feature. Anyway, here are the numbers you can call:

Part 2. How khổng lồ Recover Deleted Voicemail Messages?

It is frustrating when you have accidentally deleted an important voicemail message but the good thing is, there is undelete option on the iPhone to lớn retrieve the voicemail messages in no time. Here are the steps:

open the Dialer on your iPhone Tap the Voicemail icon on the bottom right If there are messages that can be undeleted, you will see the Deleted menu. Tap on it Find the specific voicemail you want lớn retrieve Tap Undelete Go back khổng lồ the Voicemail menu và you will see the undeleted message back.

Technically, your voicemail is stored for 30 days before the messages are cleared up however, this depends on your service provider. Some may have it longer than a month.

If you are trying to recover a deleted voicemail message that’s been more than a month, then it’s time to use bepgasvuson.vn quả táo Toolkit - Data Recovery. This is a professional recovery tool that helps game ios users khổng lồ get their important files back without the fear of more data loss.

quả táo Data Recovery Recover photos, videos, contacts, messages, hotline logs, WhatsApp data, và more. Recover data from iPhone, iTunes & iCloud. Compatible with latest iPhone & iOS. không tính tiền Download không tính phí Download


bepgasvuson.vn game ios Toolkit - Data Recovery has three recovery options, Recover Directly from Device, Recover from iTunes Backup, và Recover from iCloud. You simply need lớn install this software on your computer, connect your iPhone, & choose your desired mode of recovery.

After thorough scanning, you will be able to see all the deleted files from your iPhone. Who knows, you might be able to lớn see other files worth restoring too!

Part 3. Summary

You need to lớn get in cảm biến with your service provider lớn turn off the voicemail service on your iPhone. Although there are ios versions that allow you khổng lồ disable the feature, your provider can permanently shut this off for you.

Free DownloadFree Download

We gave you 4 methods to turn off the voicemail & each one is worth trying out. In case you accidentally deleted a voicemail message, bepgasvuson.vn game ios Toolkit - Data Recovery will help you get it back in no time! What other methods did you use to turn off your voicemail? Let us know!

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