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Pokemon Sword and Shield are the eighth-generation of Pokemon games và the first fully-fledged Pokemon RPG on a modern home console. Featuring a large danh sách of Pokemon pals, these two lengthy single-player journeys are great for both fans of the franchise and complete newcomers. Like most other Pokemon titles, Sword and Shield are both very similar in nature, with only a few notable differences between them. For example, a few dozen Pokemon creatures are only available in Sword, while others are exclusive to Shield. Despite these small discrepancies, both Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield are excellent sequels in this massively popular franchise.

Main trò chơi Features

Expansive single-player adventureUnique “DynaMax” PokemonNearly 400 collectible creatures


Your adventure in Pokemon Sword & Shield takes place in the Galar Region, a lovely và varied land bustling with joy & excitement. Citizens in the Galar Region are enamored with Pokemon battling, treating it like a massive sport. Prominent Pokemon trainers are recognized across the land, with many children hoping lớn one day become Pokemon Champion. Your journey starts in the small town of Postwick, where you, a bright-eyed child with dreams of becoming a star Pokemon trainer, prepares to leave home. Along with your best friend Hop, you"ll travel across the Galar Region competing in the thể hình Challenge, a prestigious set of Pokemon battles that take place in giant arenas. In addition khổng lồ the thể hình Challenge, a mysterious và powerful Pokemon lurks in the forest, beckoning lớn be discovered and tamed.

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Much like the rest of the Pokemon franchise, Sword and Shield are a mixture of open-world exploration & turn-based combat gameplay. After customizing your character and choosing one of the three elemental “starter” Pokemon, you"ll set out into the Galar Region khổng lồ capture new Pokemon and build up your battle team. Along the way, you"ll meet a cast of memorable characters, including the seven respected thể hình Leaders. You"ll travel through luminous forests, mở cửa plains, and icy tundras, discovering new species of Pokemon and leveling up their abilities. There are various gym challenges that mark your progress throughout the adventure, each one themed around a different type of Pokemon. The classic battle system revolves around elemental strengths and weaknesses, so recognizing enemy weak points becomes crucial as you advance.

While a large chunk of Sword và Shield is similar to other Pokemon games, there are a handful of new additions that help spice up the gameplay. Large, open-ended “wild” areas break up the otherwise linear paths throughout the Galar Region. In these expansive areas, you"re able khổng lồ freely roam about, battling và capturing wild Pokemon in order khổng lồ strengthen your team. You can also discover various Pokemon trainers who will engage you in battle, as well as challenging “DynaMax” dens where you battle gigantic Pokemon for big rewards. When the battling gets too exhaustive, the new Pokemon Camp feature lets you blow off some steam.


You can relax around the campfire with your Pokemon pals, brew up some stews & curries using scavenged food items, và generally relax. These additions, along with other battle tweaks and quality-of-life improvements make Sword & Shield endlessly replayable.

Whether you"re a seasoned Pokemon tín đồ or looking khổng lồ jump into your first Pokemon adventure, both Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield are excellent choices. The differences between the two are minimal, so pick whichever one seems the coolest to lớn you & enjoy! Although the lack of combat difficulty might annoy more skilled players, the easier adventure is great for new Pokemon players. The new features such as DynaMax Pokemon & Pokemon Camp keep the experience fresh and fun, ensuring the game doesn"t get too repetitive. This is a good thing, since you"ll likely want to lớn capture và collect the nearly 400 unique Pokemon in the game, completing your Pokedex & becoming a true Pokemon Champion. Not only are Pokemon Sword and Shield excellent RPGs, but they"re also relaxing games that are satisfying lớn play and keep you coming back for more.


Cool new Pokemon designsExploration and battling is addictiveFun mini-games and side activities


Does not contain complete PokedexVery little challenge

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