Slate là gì

a dark grey rochồng that can be easily divided into lớn thin pieces, or a small, thin piece of this used khổng lồ cover a roof

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in the past, a small, thin, rectangular piece of slate (= rock), usually in a wooden frame, used for writing on, especially by children
the people of a particular political các buổi party who are trying to lớn be elected to offices in government in an election:
Parties or coalitions of parties put out slates of candidates for the departments, as well as a national các mục.
Prices have sầu been arranged for the purchase of bricks, cement, lime, slates, soil and waste pipes, rain pipes và rhones, sanitary work, ironmongery, etc.
At the moment the dem& for slates is practically hon- existent, and all that the quarries can vị is to produce slates for stock.
The council immediately inspected the roof, and it found that 24 slates had been maliciously damaged.
Slates are used for public buildings whenever this material is most suitable, having regard lớn all the circumstances.
People put up farm buildings, & when the old slates come off they may have khổng lồ use something else for repairing.
To-day the slates have sầu khổng lồ be delivered in a hurry, for the purpose of some local authority"s housing scheme, and they are railed forthwith.
The materials in particularly short supply are timber, steel and cast iron, lead, certain types of electrical components, salt glazed pipes, và slates.
Are we going to lớn build of bricks and slates, or are we going lớn use concrete, or some new khung of construction?
We have plenty of bricks on hvà, timber, cement, and so on, for the first 100,000 houses, with a fair supply of slates.
I know of several repairers in my own area who have spent a lot of time trying to get these slates, with no result.
There is a difficulty with regard lớn the supply of slates, but my regional officers will assist local authorities in this matter.
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A man belonging khổng lồ a mendicant order scratched the wall of the well with a piece of slate, following the imprint of the cross.





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