Rise Of The Tomb Raider Chinese Dub Lol

It isn’t uncommon for video games to lớn delve deep into the annuls of mythology for inspiration or even a story or two. You’re likely familiar with the extensive library of games based on Greek mythology, or even Japanese mythology, as they’re ripe with boundless imagination & a plethora of phenomenally twisted stories.

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However, one often overlooked mythos is Chinese mythology. Featuring a wide range of fantastical characters, creatures, & worlds, Chinese mythology is rich with awe-inspiring tales. Unsurprisingly, it has been used in a handful of great games khổng lồ tell legendary stories. From delightful DLC lớn anime-fighting games, there are so many brilliant games based on Chinese mythology.


Dynasty Warriors is likely the first game that springs to lớn mind when you think of Chinese mythology’s influence on clip games. Featuring a host of mindbogglingly superhuman characters battling it out across the stunning fields and cities of ancient China, the Dynasty Warriors games have continued the charming và slightly bloody legends of Chinese heroes.

While the majority of the characters in the Dynasty Warriors series are based on real people, they’ve been exaggerated to lớn an impressively obscene degree that they hardly resemble them at all. The magical powers, incredible prowess at defeating legions of soldiers single-handedly, and their penchant for drama & betrayal make them far more interesting anyhow.


The Gujian series of 3 chiều action-packed roleplaying games is a great - albeit slightly unknown - collection of games set in a fictionalized version of ancient China. Taking direct inspiration from both historical and mythological elements of ancient China, the Gujian series combines compelling storytelling và fantastical worlds to create an engrossing experience.

While the series has expanded considerably since the first game, it has always stuck to lớn its roots, incorporating the most interesting elements of Chinese culture, mythology, & history to create a truly unique clip game.


Enslaved: Odyssey to lớn The West is one of the many Western adaptations of the classic Chinese novel, Journey lớn The West. Loosely adapting certain elements of that story while incorporating various Western tropes & traditions - namely a post-apocalyptic future & big gruff men - it still remains mostly inspired by Chinese mythology.

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While not necessarily a commercial success, Enslaved: Odyssey khổng lồ The West was a revolutionary experience in a lot of respects, và contains work by prolific và profound creatives including both Andy Serkis & Alex Garland. While the Western elements certainly dilute some of the original Chinese mythology, it still retains a lot of what made the original novel so special.


While perhaps common knowledge, for those who are unaware the incredibly popular rồng Ball anime series, lượt thích Enslaved: Odyssey to lớn The West, is directly inspired by Journey lớn The West.

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The most obvious comparison is the fact that Sun Wukong - the protagonist of Journey to lớn The West - is called Son Goku in Japanese.

By extension then, the dragon Ball games are based on Chinese mythology. While some of the more fighting-focused titles lack the mythological elements, the more narrative-focused games like Kakarot offer a stronger connection lớn the original story. Either way, the long Ball fighting games are some of the best anime-fighting games available, và well worth checking out.


The Legend of Sword và Fairy series is truly iconic và offers some of the most impressive RPG experiences available. With each trò chơi innovating in new and interesting ways - with the seventh taking the game’s combat in a whole new direction - you’re always due for a riveting và engrossing experience.

Of course, lượt thích with most games based on Chinese mythology, The Legend of Sword & Fairy series incorporates the natural beauty of Chinese topography with gorgeously designed monsters to create wonderful fantasy worlds. There is a reason why this RPG series has seen so many spin-offs including an MMO và even live-action TV series.

While the base trò chơi of Immortals Fenyx Rising has nothing to vì chưng with Chinese mythology, its aptly named DLC, Myths of the Eastern Realm, does. Featuring a brand-new world for you to explore và character khổng lồ explore it with, Myths of the Eastern Realm offers a stunning look into the Gods and monsters featured in Chinese mythos.

While the DLC isn’t quite as extensive as the base game, offering only a few hours of gameplay, it still does a fantastic job of exploring the mythology of china in great detail. For those looking for a solid entry point into Chinese mythology that is both approachable và fun, Myths of the Eastern Realm will absolutely vì chưng the trick.

Not unlike The Legend of Sword and Fairy, the Xuan-Yuan Sword series is renowned for being a fantastic collection of captivating RPGs. Borrowing heavily from both Chinese mythology & history, the Xuan-Yuan Sword games feature both historical figures, Gods & monsters side by side all wrapped up in an engrossing narrative.

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With numerous mainline titles and spin-offs already released, the Xuan-Yuan Sword series has quite exhaustively covered Chinese mythology. If you want a relatively comprehensive exploration of Chinese mythology và all of its wonderful facets, then you’ll want to kiểm tra out the Xuan-Yuan Sword series.

Last, but not least, in the games inspired by Journey to lớn The West category is Monkey King: nhân vật Is Back. Being an adaption of the movie by the same name - which is, in and of itself, a direct adaption of Journey lớn The West - Monkey King: anh hùng Is Back covers a lot of the fantastical & wonderful elements of Chinese mythology in far greater detail.

Being a stricter adaption - although it does take some liberties - you’re more likely lớn find a lot of the elements that make Chinese mythology so captivating in the first place. From gorgeous backdrops khổng lồ monsters directly taken from mythology, there is a lot to love about Monkey King: hero Is Back.

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