Sketchbook Mockup Free Psd

This week freebie is a sketchbook mock-up that you can use for personal and commercial projects. All you have to bởi is to showroom your work inside the smart object; it"s so easy with just with 1-click! You can use the sketchbook miễn phí mock-up khổng lồ creatively display your artworks. If you want to lớn learn how lớn create a sketch from a photo try this quick tutorial: Create a Sketch in Photoshop . For a quick solution try our Sketch Photoshop action that is also free for download.

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Sketchbook Mockup không tính phí Download

Download for miễn phí the sketchbook PSD mockup và use it in your designs. The PSD tệp tin contains all the elements in separate groups and the layers intact so that you caneasily customize the mockup. You can move và rotate all the items(phone, pen, sketchbook). Also the background can be changed easily by modifying the màu sắc with theHue/Saturation adjustment layer. Or you can replace the background with another wood texture that you like.

How khổng lồ Use a Mockup

Double click on the "ADD YOUR WORK INSIDE" smart object thumbnail to mở cửa it. Simply địa chỉ cửa hàng your work inside, save the smart object and close it lớn see the result. Lớn move the sketch you have to mở cửa these groups SKETCHBOOK không tính phí MOCKUP by PSDDUDE>SKETCHBOOK>YOUR ARTWORK and simply drag và drop the "MOVE YOUR WORK" smart object and place it where you want. The smart object is added as clipping mask so you can not go over the sketchbook edges.



You are không lấy phí to adapt và use the mockup for both personal và commercial projects. The PSD tệp tin can not be redistributed on other websites. Credit for the images used: sketchbook by stokpic and sketch artwork




If you want lớn turn your photo into line drawing, ink sketch or illustration, you can kiểm tra out this Line Art Photoshop action.

And if you want khổng lồ digitize drawings try these useful actions: Remove white Background Photoshop kích hoạt and Thicken Lines In Photoshop action.

Also you can check out these premium Photoshop actions for creating sketch effects with torn ripped paper in Photoshop.

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Download Sketch Torn Photo Effect Photoshop Action

Pencil Sketch vs Camera Photo Effect Photoshop Action

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