Mặc định tiếng anh là gì

the way in which a software program behaves or things appear on a computer screen unless you change them

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Second, the sovereignty status of countries limits the extent to lớn which countries can be "punished" for defaulting.
Thus, the defaults from the template definition are applied automatically to lớn the slots that are not specified in the đầu vào.
In this approach, defaults and rules are technically distinguished, as rules are non defeasible, while defaults express defeasible properties of some elements.
Employees could then be automatically defaulted inlớn a balanced fund based on their age, unless they actively select some other investment portfolio.
Otherwise, the propagation of ok()-atoms is interrupted so that no defaults below ri are considered.
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a person who believes that it is morally wrong lớn eat animals or khổng lồ use animal products such as milk, eggs, or leather

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Stepping up efforts và phasing out coal: words connected with climate change.



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