Lỗi invalid config file minitool partition wizard


This article tells you how khổng lồ solve Partition Wizard error code 4 and error code 40 when you are using MiniTool Partition Wizard lớn move/resize partition or convert FAT lớn NTFS.

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MiniTool Partition Wizard is rather user-friendly khổng lồ partition hard drives and manage data on the drive sầu. But sometimes when you are trying to split partition, after pressing "Apply", you may happen khổng lồ see the following error message saying:

"Failed to lớn exexinh đẹp the following command: xxx

Error Code: 4

Disk I/O error."


Another situation: When you are trying to Convert NTFS to FAT, or Move/Reform size Partition, after pressing "Apply", you may encounter the following error messages saying:

"Failed khổng lồ execute the following command:

Error Code: 40

NTFS tệp tin system error. Please use "Cheông xã File System" function khổng lồ fix it first."



Solutions to lớn Error Code 4 & Error Code 40

How did this happen?

Why these error message pop-up? During the process of installing MiniTool Partition Wizard, there is a remote possibility that the related device drivers which are responsible for invoking system information are installed inappropriately. How can we solve it?

The solutions for these error codes are quite simple. You just need lớn vị the following operations:

Step 1: Run "regedit", find the folders "pwdrvio" & "pwdspio" under "Computer > HKEY_LOCAL-MACHINE> SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Services" and then delete them.



Step 2: Restart your computer.

Step 3: Reboot MiniTool Partition Wizard. During this step, the related device drivers will be reinstalled and work normally. At this time, you can successfully exexinh đẹp "Move/Rekích cỡ Partition", "Split Partition" & "Convert NTFS to FAT".

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