Lỗi gta san andreas has stopped working

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas / Threads / Other/MiscHow lớn fix this problem ?I got this problem since I reinstalled this game 2 years ago và "gta_sa.exe Has stopped working." always comes out when I travel khổng lồ the city. But, It works perfectly in the jungle, small town và desert. I tried to include gta_sa.exe in the DEP setting, lower the compatibility, delete all of my mods, delete gta_sa.set, lower the graphics, move the folder location và much more...Please help I really really really love this game ! :)Bạn đã xem: Lỗi gta san andreas has stopped working

Bạn vẫn xem: Lỗi gta san andreas has stopped working

Bạn đang xem: Lỗi gta san andreas has stopped working



Xem thêm: Cách Chữa Nháy Mắt Liên Tục Bằng Cách Đơn Giản Không Ngờ, Làm Sao Để Chấm Dứt Nháy Giật Mắt



k, so i"m a jerk for offering legit advice? if a pc game wasn"t working for me, i"d seek the console version since i know for a FACT that it would workI used to lớn make thingsSorry, you don"t need one, just there is a problem with the save games being for the wrong version of the game và it can cause the same crash.You live "til you die.Bạn sẽ xem: Sửa lỗi gta_sa.exe has stopped workingBetter :1.Uninstall GTA SA2.Delete entire GTA SA files and thư mục in installed path.3.Delete saved game folder (GTA San Andreas User Files) in user/Documents.4.Reinstall with Administrative và compatibility setting.At the over of it allWell i might be too late... Provide more information lượt thích your PC"s OS? your Ram? GPU? CPU?some possible fixes:Is it laggy? 1. Go lớn options và disable "frame limiter" and see if the error still persists, và if you already have it off, try turning it on and see if the error persists2. Vì you have a virus? anti-virus blocking gta-sa.exe? find a way lớn allow it in firewall.3. You play the game 100% clean? you downloaded cleo? cleo makes the trò chơi unstable! when you enter the barber shop for example... You crash! i heared cleo"s gxthook file is making a lot of problems aswelli dont know if you still use bepgasvuson.vn or still play gtasa but thats just a heads up, if you reply ill support you with further information :>)Hello và Welcome!Dunno if I"m late here, but tell us if you have downloaded a full version of GTA SA, RIP versions may give you a problem, if you have a virus, or maybe your RAM is low & doesn"t let you go there because it can"t load files, or map, there"s a lot of answers here.

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