How lớn install LAN Games – Garena empire gaming tư vấn application will be shared by in the article below. Installing LAN Games will tư vấn playing offline games more easily and effectively.

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LAN Games is an application released by Garena to separate gaming over LAN from its Garena game portal. Therefore, if you want lớn play offline multiplayer games over LAN, you will have to install LAN games, the application that supports Garena game play through LAN (Local Area Network) for computers that connect to lớn each other via short-range terminals.

How lớn install LAN games, applications that support Garena trò chơi play

Step 1: Download LAN Games latest version here : download LAN Games

Step 2: Run the LAN Games installer you downloaded. If the User tài khoản Control window appears on your computer screen, press Yes.


Step 3: On the LAN Games Settings window, press Next to start installing the application.


Step 4: Press Browser… if you want khổng lồ change the program installation directory.


Step 5: Select the application save area. Then press OK to continue.

Note: Make sure the LAN Games installation partition has more than 23MB of không tính phí space. Otherwise, the program will not be able to lớn install.


Step 6: Press Setting to start the installation in about a few seconds.

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Step 7: After installing LAN Games on your computer, press Complete to start the application.


Step 8: On the first boot, it is possible that the system firewall will detect và ask you to lớn grant permission for the application lớn use your network connection. On the Windows Security Alert window press Allow access.

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The LAN Games login interface is quite simple, you can use your Garena account to log in, if you don’t have one yet, please register Garena according khổng lồ the instructions of, the steps to register Garena are quite simple and fast. Fast.


It can be said that the way lớn log in khổng lồ Lan Games is similar to lớn the way to lớn log in to lớn Garena, only the interface is different, log in to Garena và Lan Games with the same account and password.

Above showed you how to lớn install LAN games, a great Garena game support application that helps you play offline games lượt thích Empire, Starcraft, Warcraft, Half-Life with your friends in the same place. A local area network (LAN). Simple interface, easy connection will definitely help you quickly have hours of fun playing games with your friends. Empire is a trò chơi that is played a lot on Garena & now Lan Games, please refer to lớn how play Empire on Garena lớn know how to play on Lan Games like.

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