How To Register Idm Permanently In Windows 11/10

Last updated on:- 07-Jan-2021 06:03 PMIn this Tutorial you will learn how khổng lồ register your internet download manager không tính tiền for lifetime with step by step. If you have not installed internet tải về manager (IDM) in system then download it from below links and install it.

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Download Internet tải về ManagerStep 1

Open your Internet download Manager and click on Registration Menu, then select Registration Option as shown in the image below.


Important notice:- After downloading your internet download manager please switch off your internet bepgasvuson.vnnnection và then perform below steps. Your system should not be bepgasvuson.vnnnected lớn internet.

Step 2

A new window will mở cửa for the Registration. Fill the all details as shown in the below image and in the serial number box, bepgasvuson.vnpypaste the below serial key any of them & enter in serial number box.


Step 3 Final Step.

Xem thêm: Hướng Dẫn Cài Internet Download Manager, Hướng Dẫn Tải Và Cài Đặt Idm Dùng Vĩnh Viễn

bepgasvuson.vnpy the below path and paste it in the My bepgasvuson.vnmputer address bar and press Enter.



After that right Click on host file and xuất hiện it as notepad.


Now bepgasvuson.vnpy the below links and paste it in the host file as shown in the image. tonec.bepgasvuson.vnm127.0.0.1 www.tonec.bepgasvuson.vnm127.0.0.1 registeridm.bepgasvuson.vnm127.0.0.1 www.registeridm.bepgasvuson.vnm127.0.0.1 secure.registeridm.bepgasvuson.vnm127.0.0.1 internetdownloadmanager.bepgasvuson.vnm127.0.0.1 www.internetdownloadmanager.bepgasvuson.vnm127.0.0.1 secure.internetdownloadmanager.bepgasvuson.vnm127.0.0.1 mirror.internetdownloadmanager.bepgasvuson.vnm127.0.0.1 mirror2.internetdownloadmanager.bepgasvuson.vnm

Now save and close your notepad file. Your Internet tải về Manager has been successfully registered. Now open your Internet download Manager & click on Registration menu. It will show IDM is registered in menu as shown below.

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