Is there any hope of a Raging Blast 3 or perhaps a 2 remaster? Ik they have Xenoverse 2 và FighterZ but nothing quite fought lượt thích the Raging Blast games... I miss it. Many memories lost due lớn a save tệp tin wipe


There was a fan hâm mộ project a few years ago by a guy calling himself Treevax. It seemed really cool. The creator even met with Bandain Namco a few times to lớn pitch it. Obviously it never came khổng lồ be.

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No. There is no reason for them to bring that series back. If anything maybe one day they make something similar but it won’t be called RB 3

Some of the elements I loved about RB2 is if I wanted to bởi say.... Goku, vs that enemy's full team of 5 people, i could and felt like i had a chance if I knew what I was doing or just was really good at it. Or I could bởi vì a 2 v 3 or a 4 v 2, anything of the sort. ***(Going back to add this note, FighterZ allows (sometimes, I've found Ring Matches don't allow it) for a similar 1v3 type thing, if wanted, but it's so unbalanced it's nearly impossible) Oh! That reminds me certain characters lượt thích Saibaman or Metal/Mecha Cooler could be used all 5 instances if you wanted to lớn bc they canonically have multiple versions of themselves, which is awesome.

A really well thought out stage selection with destructible elements và other things.

And then, certain lineups allowed for special dialogue or special scenarios (thanks to lớn quick time sự kiện button prompts) such as when Goku goes down, if you have Krillin, you can get a really hard to hit instakill tiny spirit bomb like when Goku và Vegeta fought the first time. And, if you have Kid Gohan, it plays the scene even further (IF you miss) to try and hit it back into the enemy. Và in-game fusions of characters that could fuse. Also, The Ginyu Force! For instance, Jeice và Burter's Purple Hurricane attack. Amazing.

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And, the way transformations (and the aforementioned fusion techniques) could work in battle with some (not all, which was unique) allowing reverting back into base form to take on another form. The move các mục was phenomenal and you had to work for some.

AURAS! I, as a kid, thought it was cool to give Future Gohan the apk aura (which just looks lượt thích straight electricity, unlike SSJ2's Golden aura plus some electricity. It made the character look as though they were also metal androids) bc lớn me that felt lượt thích a... Say, alternate universe where Gohan was turned into an app android after fighting them for so long. Or giving a perfectly good character an evil aura and so on & so forth.

The "campaign" system with different characters & challenges (some of which were PHENOMENALLY hard, but in a fun and good way) và was the only way lớn unlock certain characters, moves, or items. & they had another mode to lớn unlock even more, but I don't recall what it was called. It was difficult though.

Plus! A really fun online system including tournaments. Being on the Xbox360 it seemed more convenient than BT3 in that regard, whether BT3 was on it or not, I had that on PS2.

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