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appeal /ə"pi:l/ danh từ
sự kêu gọi; lời kêu gọi lời thỉnh cầu, sự cầu khẩnwith a look of appeal: cùng với vẻ cầu khẩnlớn make an appeal to lớn someone"s generossity: cầu cho lòng rộng lượng của người nào, lôi kéo lòng rộng lượng của ai (pháp lý) sự kháng án; quyền chống ánkhổng lồ lodge an appeal; lớn give notice of appeal: đưa đơn kháng ánCourt of Appeal toà thượng thẩm mức độ cuốn hút, mức độ quyến rũkhổng lồ have appeal: tất cả sức lôi cuốn, có mức độ quyến rũkhổng lồ appeal to the country (xem) country

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kháng ánappeal bond: giấy cam đoan trả giá tiền chống áncase on appeal: vụ chống ántax appeal: thủ tục chống án về thuế

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quyền thượng tố, chống án, kháng nghị

Từ điển siêng ngành Pháp luật

Appeal: Kháng cáoYêu cầu gởi TANDTC cấp cao hơn xem xét lại công dụng xét xử của Toàn án nhân dân tối cao cung cấp bên dưới. Phải bao gồm nguyên do vừa lòng pháp để kháng cáo. lấy ví dụ như, quan lại tòa đang bao gồm sai sót khi áp dụng hình thức vào vụ kiện.

Từ điển chuyên ngành Thể thao: Điền kinh


Khiếu nại

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Từ điển Collocation

appeal noun

1 serious request for sth you need/want very much

ADJ. desperate, emergency, emotional, urgent | direct | fresh, further a fresh appeal for witnesses khổng lồ come forward | mute She gazed at hyên in mute appeal.

VERB + APPEAL issue, make They made a direct appeal to the government for funding.

PREP.. ~ for an appeal for help | ~ to an appeal lớn reason

2 formal request lớn sb in authority

ADJ. formal, personal

VERB + APPEAL bring, tệp tin, lodge, make He"s lodged an appeal against the kích cỡ of the fine. | win | thảm bại | allow (formal), consider, hear The judge has agreed lớn allow his appeal. The court will hear the appeal on 10 June. | uphold His appeal was upheld and he was released immediately. | deny, dismiss, reject, throw out, turn down

APPEAL + VERB fail | succeed

APPEAL + NOUN court, tribunal | hearing | judge | procedure, process, system

PHRASES a court of appeal, give/grant sb leave lớn appeal, grounds of appeal, pending appeal The players have sầu been suspended pending appeal. | a right of appeal You have sầu the right of appeal to the Consitutional Court.

3 sự kiện for raising money

ADJ. charity, fund-raising | radio, television

VERB + APPEAL hold, launch An appeal is to be launched on behalf of the refugees. | back, support

APPEAL + VERB raise sth The radio appeal raised over three million pounds.


4 attraction/interest

ADJ. considerable, great, growing, obvious, powerful, special, svào | immediate, instant the book"s immediate apeal to lớn young children | limited, little | broad, mass, popular, universal, wide a publication designed for mass appeal | aesthetic, commercial, electoral, intellectual, sex, visual Unfortunately, the film lacks commercial appeal.

VERB + APPEAL have, hold His views hold no appeal for me. | broaden, extover, widen We are trying to lớn broaden the appeal of classical music. | lose

APPEAL + VERB lie in sth His considerable appeal lies in his quiet, gentle manner.

PREPhường. ~ for School lost its appeal for her in the second year.

Từ điển WordNet


earnest or urgent request; entreaty, prayer

an entreaty to stop the fighting

an appeal for help

an appeal to lớn the public khổng lồ keep calm

attractiveness that interests or pleases or stimulates; appealingness, charm

his smile was part of his appeal to lớn her

(law) a legal proceeding in which the appellant resorts lớn a higher court for the purpose of obtaining a Review of a lower court decision & a reversal of the lower court"s judgment or the granting of a new trial

their appeal was denied in the superior court

request for a sum of money; solicitation, collection, ingathering

an appeal khổng lồ raise money for starving children


take a court case to lớn a higher court for review

He was found guilty but appealed immediately

request earnestly (something from somebody); ask for aid or protection; invoke

appeal lớn somebody for help

Invoke God in times of trouble

be attractive sầu to; attract

The idea of a vacation appeals khổng lồ me

The beautiful garden attracted many people

challenge (a decision)

She appealed the verdict

cite as an authority; resort to; invoke

He invoked the law that would save sầu him

I appealed to lớn the law of 1900

She invoked an ancient law

English Synonym & Antonym Dictionary

appeals|appealed|appealingsyn.: beg entreat implore pleadChuyên mục: Hỏi Đáp

Chuyên mục: Giải Đáp